White chocolate mousse with cranberry compote and gingersnap cookies | The Aubergine ChefI’ve recently reorganized the recipe page into different pages to reduce the clutter. I can’t believe I have enough recipes where it makes sense to give each category its own page. Thank you all for your continued support!

I know a lot of you will be looking for it so I’ll just tell you now: The graham cracker and cookie crumb crust recipe is under pies.

If you download a recipe and see # that means pounds (16 ounces). So 2# 11 1/2 oz is two pounds eleven and a half ounces. Twitter is messing everything up.

Asian Inspired
Bread and Rolls
Breakfast Pastries
Cakes and Tortes
Custards and Mousse
Dessert Cocktails
Dessert Sauces
Frozen Desserts
Gum Paste / Fondant / Meringue / Modeling Chocolate
Icings and Glazes
General Pastries
Pet Friendly
Petits Fours
Plated Desserts

You’re going to need Adobe (or a PDF file viewer) to view my recipes.
If you don’t have it get free it here:

4 comments on “Recipes
  1. Blanca De La Fuente says:

    I was looking in the simple syrup recipie, I love my cake to be moiste….please can u reply?

  2. Lin says:

    Do you know how to use agar agar to replace gelatin in recipes? What are the differences when using agar agar that need to be taken into consideration?

    I enjoy your videos very much. Thank you!

    • Hey Lin – I haven’t played with agar-agar yet. It’s sitting in my pantry begging to be experimented with but I just haven’t gotten around to it. Rumor has it on the internet that 1 tsp of gelatin = 1 tsp of powdered agar = 1 TBSP of flaked agar. If you’re like me, that’s not super helpful if it’s not by weight, but at least it’s a start.

      Bear in mind that agar-agar sets differently that gelatin. The description people like to use is that it sets up gummy rather than like jello. So think gummy bears vs. jello. At least that’s what I hear.

      One of these days I’ll get around to it and post about it!

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