Check out the pages below!  I discuss equipment every kitchen should have, equipment that bakers would need, specialized equipment you might want, and equipment you don’t need.  Also take a look on the equipment I’m really picky about page to see what you should look for in terms of quality on common kitchen equipment.

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Equipment Every Kitchen Should Have – Wondering if your kitchen is stocked with the basic essentials?  Are you moving into your first college apartment and wonder what basic kitchen tools you should consider getting?  Well, I’ve designed a list that’s perfect for you!  Here is my basic kitchen equipment list that every kitchen should have.



Equipment Bakers Need – Thinking about starting to take up home baking?  Wonder which kitchen tools you should get?  How about updating your equipment?  Wonder how I go about choosing my kitchen equipment?  Heard rumors of certain equipment being better than others?  Here’s a list of common (and sometimes not-so-common) kitchen equipment for baking.



Specialty Equipment – When I say “specialty equipment” I mostly mean equipment that has a specific purpose.  When you’re stocking your kitchen you should consider getting all-around useful items that can serve many purposes.  Having specialty equipment is great (can’t have homemade waffles without a waffle iron) but it can take up some serious real estate in your pantry.  Consider what you want to get the item for and think if you have something already you can use it place of it, or try to think of other uses for the specialty item so you’re not just buying it for one recipe.


Equipment You Don’t Need – Kitchen gadgets may seem fun and may make cooking and baking easier.  The truth is their super specialized uses are just a waste of space.  Who wants to spend time digging through a drawer full of kitchen gadgets when all you want is your can opener?  Here’s a list of popular kitchen tools and gadgets that you really just don’t need.



Equipment I’m Really Picky About – Certain kitchen items are available in all kinds of shapes and sizes and are made of various materials.  Is that bunny rabbit whisk actually useful?  Should I get non-stick pans or stainless steel?  Is copper kitchen equipment really the best?  Find out how I pick my most commonly used kitchen equipment and you’ll learn how to get the most out of your tools.

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