This is a page where I post any files that might be of use but aren’t recipes like diagrams.  I didn’t want them to get buried deep into my blog posts for all eternity since they can still be helpful.  I’ll set it up like the recipes page so that you can see where the files are from.


Filigree Practice – Filigrees are those piped decorations, usually made out of chocolate but not always, and you typically see them on petits fours glace but they can also be used in plated desserts and cake decorating.  These are common basic filigrees that are pretty much an industry standard but a filigree can be anything you want it to be!  Use this practice sheet to get the hang of making them.  Petits Fours Glace blog post

Gingerbread House template – Here’s the template I used for the gingerbread house episode. Remember to check the measurements with a ruler after you print it out to make sure your printer didn’t shrink or enlarge the template. In addition to baking gingerbread, you will need candies (for decorating) and royal icing (for gluing). Both of those recipes are available on the recipe page or the blog post. Gingerbread Houses blog post

Piña Colada Cocktail Glass Stencil – Stencils are really popular for use on breads and cakes. To use a stencil on bread, flour your bread before baking. For use on other baked goods, use cocoa powder, fruit powder, powdered sugar, sprinkles, or other decorations like that on a slightly chilled baked good – especially if it has icing. If the icing is not firm, the stencil will stick to your icing and make a big mess. I recommend printing the stencil out on a card stock weight paper and cutting it out with an exacto knife. To make your own stencil, you can find an image online and fill out the silhouette with a black marker or just draw the outline yourself. If you can, scan the image into your computer using black and white settings so that you have a back up just in case anything happens. As seen in the Piña Colada Cake episode.

Pumpkin/Ivy leaf Stencil – A clip art outline of a pumpkin leaf useful for gum paste work. As seen in the Pumpkin Cake episode.

Royal Icing Scroll Work templates – Two different styles of royal icing scroll work that were used in the 123 dough and cookie decorating techniques episode.  They should be used as practice by tracing with a pencil.  Your final product will probably not mirror the designs exactly (in that the designs are random and unique each time), but these should help you get the feel of what you’re looking for.  123 dough and cookie decorating techniques post

Wood Pattern – An example of the pattern I use when I want something to look like wood.  Some people tell me it kind of look likes wind blowing.  Either way, if you’d like to use it feel free to download it and check it out.  Used in the Dog Agility cake episode.


The Aubergine Chef theme music – My brother, Timothy Shriner, made the theme music for my online cooking show.  If you like underground rap you may like his original style.

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