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Anybody who bakes or cooks on a regular basis knows that there are a ton of techniques that are so common that they pop up in multiple recipes.  To shorten the length of my videos and avoid repetition I decided to make fundamentals videos.  These videos are referenced heavily by my episodes and are extremely helpful all on their own.  If you’re looking to get into baking getting these techniques under your belt will be infinitely useful.

*Note that some of the links here link to other pages of my blog, usually categorized under the techniques pages.

FundamentalsThe must-have skills
How to Figure Out How Much Batter You Need for a Large Cake Pan
How to Make a Cookie Crumb Crust
How to Use Powdered or Granulated Gelatin
Making a Cold Meringue or French Meringue
Making Marshmallow Fondant
Making Pastry Cream and Diplomat Cream
Making Simple Syrup
Peeling and Dicing an Apple
Peeling and Dicing Butternut Squash
Releasing a Cake from a Sheet Pan Using the Brownie Method
Removing a Cake from a Cake Pan
Separating an Egg
Trimming and Slicing a Cake

IntermediateMastery may take a few tries
How to Make Swiss Meringue
Making and Using Almond Lace Cookies
Making Large Chocolate Curls
Par-bake or Blind Bake a Pie Shell
Pastry Cream and Diplomat Cream
Pie Dough

Moderately DifficultCombines several skills and general baking knowledge
Caramel Sauce + Designs
Chocolate Sauce + Designs
German Buttercream
Making and Using Tuile
Swiss Buttercream

AdvancedDifficult at first but becomes effortless with practice
Making Buttercream Roses and A Basic Rose Spray

3 comments on “Fundamentals Videos
  1. araceli robin says:

    To learn how cook different kind of food

  2. John English says:

    My wife wanted me to make Kutsinta, so I did a search and found your episode 34. I was fascinated with your research about lye water, and reduced baking soda. My searching found that all other recipes for kutsinta contained lye water, and they were all based on copies of 3 basic recipes.

    Your recipe is the only one that does not contain lye water. I want to try your recipe, but I do not own a scale. I know that serious bakers weigh the ingredients, they do not measure.

    Do you have a conversion to standard measuring amounts, or do I have to buy a scale?

    If I must buy a scale what is the make and model of the scale that you use in the video, and where can I purchase it?

    Thank you,
    Cebu, Philippines

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