Basic Culinary and Baking and Pastry Techniques

Once you’ve been baking or cooking for a while you start to notice you use the same or similar techniques over and over again.  These techniques are the foundation to any recipe and you should know them well.  The more you understand these techniques, the better your recipes will come out and then you can also apply these building blocks to recipes that lack them – making them better and making them your own.


The Basics
Roasting Nuts
Browning Butter (and making a roux)
Clarifying Butter (versus melting butter)
Blooming Gelatin
Using Cornstarch
Tempering Eggs
Separating an egg

Working with liquids and sauces
Making Simple Syrup
Common Dessert Sauces Every Baker Should Know
Creams and Mousses

Working with your electric mixer
Whipping Heavy Cream / Making Whipped Cream
Whipping Egg Whites / Making a French Meringue

Buttercreams and Icings

Working with your oven
Wet slow baking and Dry slow baking
Commonly used temperatures

Mixing Methods
Creaming Method
Blitz Method
Blending Method
Whipping Method
Combination Method
Roll-in Method (Block or French Method) (for Puff Pastry)
Rubbing or Biscuit Method

Chemical Reactions
Physical Leavening
Chemical Leavening
Biological Leavening

Working with Doughs
Different Kinds of Doughs
-Pie Dough
-Laminated Doughs (Non-yeast and yeast) [Links to Roll-in method]
-Pate a Choux
Developing Gluten
Working with Yeast [Links to Biological Leavening]

Frozen Desserts
Types of Frozen Desserts
Ingredients in Frozen Desserts
Freezing and Overrun

Plated Desserts
The Four Components of a Plated Dessert
-Main Item
-Crunch Component
Form and Color
Texture and Temperature
Serving Vessels

Chocolate Butterflies
Dessert Sauce Designs
How to make large chocolate curls
Making Your Own Stencil and Painting with Icing
Making a buttercream rose and a rose spray
Making your own fruit powder
Using stencils to decorate cakes

Adding Flavor
Making Your Own Extract

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