I took an amazing class with Jason Shriner at the Manassas Park Community Center. I learned how to make Swiss, Italian, German, French and American buttercream and ermine icing. We learned the advantages and disadvantages (cost, taste, texture, stability, shelf-life, etc) of each and tasted them as well to compare/contrast texture, consistency and flavor. I now have a new favorite - ermine - so I will be making it a lot! If you are looking for baking classes with a great instructor who makes baking fun and accessible, then you should definitely check out the classes offered by The Aubergine Chef.
Amanda H.
As a culinary expert Jason's vast knowledge and skill set has proven successful in his career. I've seen his client base grow to a wide range of individuals due to his drive and determination in conjunction with his understanding and great listening skills, giving him the ability to provide exactly what his clients want and expect.
Jaisyn M.
Everything in moderation, including moderation.
Julia Child
Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all.
Harriet van Horne
Jason has always been incredibly professional and witty. His honesty, charm, and sincerity have always been characteristics that have won me over. Jason has also always been one of the most reliable and consistent colleagues that I've ever had.
Dinika H.
Jason, it was such a pleasure to meet you. I thought you were cool in the videos but you are truly a wonderful person in person! I enjoyed the class so much because you are so personable, thorough, and you also made it fun, so thank you!! My dad sampled the cream puffs from class and he LOVES the cream! I couldn't have done it without the Aubergine chef & your class!!
Quyen T.
Jason is super good at what he does and you can tell he really loves his craft! Best cakes you'll ever have!!!
Patrick C.
Class was great because everything just flowed; there was plenty of time to chat and fellowship and everyone walked away from learning a lot. I think everyone was also pleased they were able to take a lot home which made them feel like they really got "their moneys worth", and now that they see what the class is like they are more likely to come back. The first one is always the hardest and I think you KNOCKED this one out of the park for us! I know everyone walked away feeling great and positive, and to be honest, that is more than we could have asked for!
Dana O.
Jason is an extremely talented pastry instructor. He is adept at social media and has a very successful blog consisting of detailed and informative videos regarding pastry and baking techniques. He has always been super at answering questions I might have regarding a technique or ingredients. He's always willing to share his knowledge and he's just an all around super person. A pleasure to work with and know.
Vicky P.
Jason is an exceptional entrepreneur; from his out-of-the-box thinking, results and motivation driven personality, to his culinary expertise. One thing that I can not stress enough about Jason is his determine to grow as an individual. He is constantly seeking out information about skills he wants to perfect, or information that will benefit the clients he works with. Since I first met Jason years ago I've only known him to be a determined individual, excepting nothing less than perfection from his self; which definitely shows in his work ethic and end product.
Jaisyn M.
The mark of a great chef is not the perfect dishes he creates when conditions are optimal rather it is his ability to still create when the scenario becomes worst case
I have also tasted Jason's catered goods - like peanut butter pie - which are amazing. At a birthday party where Jason supplied creme puffs, there was an argument over the last chocolate covered one! My husband literally ate an entire blackberry pie in one sitting.. and this from a man who claims to not like sweets! Jason is a joy to work with and is always so professional! You may gain 5 pounds from working with him - but it's so worth it! :)
Rebecca V.
The amount of research and extra effort Jason puts into each project he undertakes is extremely impressive. I have known him for nearly a decade, well before he began The Aubergine Chef, and his dedication to whichever role he occupies has remained consistently vast since that time.
Taylor S.
Jason is wonderful at creating an extra special cake that leaves you wanting more than one slice of cake. We just had him do an employee’s birthday cake and Jason came thru with an amazing red velvet cake and to die for icing. He was on time and the cake was very professional looking. Not one piece was left and we are already counting the days to our next order with him.
Amy G.
Jason had invited me for a special dessert tasting which included even dessert sushi. That dinner still is a special occasion in my mind because of the uniqueness of the food but also his superlative work that came out that night. If he had a bakery, it would be location to pick up a special treat for those special moments in your life! He is a young business owner who brings invention without many years of tired practices. He is a skilled teacher with a fantastic personality. His food blog is just a starting point for this visionary. I would recommend him as a resource to do business with!
Ryan R.
I have had the distinct pleasure of seeing Jason grow from a culinary student to an accomplished, focused business professional. He is an awesome steward of his culinary knowledge, always looking for innovative ways to educate and inspire others. His Aubergine Chef blog is great, fun, helpful - and his cakes and especially cupcakes are worth driving from Indy - I make a point of indulging whenever I come home to VA!
Kathleen P.
Thanks for an amazing memory! Not only did you come completely prepared and on time, you also came with a great attitude and more patience than I’ve ever had! My daughters have never decorated a cake, ever! It was much more than a cake, it was a lifetime memory. And you left us with a perfect one, and to top it off – the cake was awesome! Everyone loved it, especially my Mom – we couldn’t keep her away from the icing! It truly was the best we’ve ever had. Thanks again for everything, you’re an awesome person with a big heart, and you’re welcome here anytime.
Cathy R.
The only stumbling block is fear of failure; in cooking you've got to have a what-the-hell attitude.
Julia Child
I just need to brag about you really quickly. Your cookies were a huge success and everyone enjoyed them. They ran out within the first 2 hours of the party so I should have bought more. Thank you so much for the last minute magic that you performed to get me those delicious cookies!
Tamara T.
The Aubergine Chef is a great blog full of helpful baking and pastry tips. Jason's free online video demonstrations are informative and make it incredibly easy to use the recipes that he shares. His passion for baking is evident and his love for it is infectious. If you aren't using his blog and video demonstrations as one of your go-to resources in the kitchen, what are you waiting for? Go check it out – you won't be sorry!
Amanda H.
Jason is AMAZING. My stepdaughter attends his baking classes at the Manassas Park Community Center and she brings home the most amazing baked goods.
Rebecca V.
You don't have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces, just good food from fresh ingredients
Julia Child